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Baby Einstein World Animal Adventure - Español English French - Direct Download DVD / DVDRIP -

Not long ago, "Baby Beethoven," "Baby Mozart," and "Baby Bach" were re-issued in 10th anniversary editions by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, and these well-made, thoughtful videos stimulated the cognitive development of babies age 3+ months. "World Animal Adventure" is for the graduates, aimed at babies and toddlers 12+ months. And in a way, it's a totally different animal.

The Baby Composer series featured music as the centerpiece, using images of various items spinning--glow tubes, tops, and various toys--interspersed with images of the Baby Einstein sock puppets and clips of baby-toddlers in the target age range who are captured playing different instruments. But in "World Animal Adventure," it's the animal images that dominate, and the World Music seems to exist as background music--and quiet background music at that--which varies according to the continent.